About Lyndal

Lyndal Thomas is a Yoga Teacher who teaches general classes and one-on-one yoga. Lyndal and her husband Brett both have a passion for natural therapies. They share their lives with their beloved Scottish Terrier HoneyBea.

Lyndal became qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 1999 and has been teaching in northside Brisbane since 2000. She originally learnt a style called Yoga Chi Gung developed by Grant Woolven, a combination of Yoga and Chi Gung. She has her own yoga classes in the northern Brisbane suburbs and has taught in several gyms over the years. Each of her classes are 75 minutes long, including warm-ups and meditation. The meditation assists in teaching you to become more present and to be aware of when you are holding on to tension and to allow it to be released. Yoga and meditation complement each other to help you to learn to tune into your body, gradually enabling a lessening of tension and the huge benefits associated with less tension – a calmer mind, additional energy and less aches and pains.

When you come to her classes you are encouraged to ask questions as she checks people and to advise her of any problems you are having with postures. This results in you developing more body awareness and a healthier body which is less likely to be plagued with back and neck problems or the various conditions of today’s society like anxiety, stress or depression. You will develop a greater self-knowledge which is a huge step toward peace and joy in your life.

Lyndal does her best to create a class where there is no competitiveness with other students. She believes that students come along for themselves and their own well-being and fosters a class in which students can rest as they need to, do gentler versions of a posture and generally make the class all about themselves and what they need at that moment in time.

Lyndal continues to be a student of yoga and attends regular yoga weekends and seminars, continually adding to her knowledge base. In addition to yoga she has studied ayurveda, the ancient form of Indian healing to acquire further knowledge about healing the body holistically. She has also studied Bowen Therapy. As well as traditional and non-traditional yoga postures she has been influenced by the teachings and writings of Moeshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna (Somatics) and Frederick Matthias Alexander (the Alexander Technique).  She also has done workshops with Donna Farhi, a world renowned Yoga Teacher who emphasises the safety of various postures for each individual body. She has a Second Level Remedial Yoga Certificate with Yoga for Health Australia which has given her further knowledge on working one-on-one with people and working in with their own needs and requirements. She has a particular interest in gentle yoga for people who need such a thing.

Lyndal is a member of Yoga Australia, the national association for yoga teaching members from all traditions and styles.   She is a Level 3 Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia, the highest level of teacher with over 5000 hours of teaching and over 1000 hours of training (minimum amount of training to be a fully qualified teacher with Yoga Australia is 350 hours).

Lyndal also has a qualification in Seniors Chair Yoga through IYTA.

During her classes she regularly checks student postures and makes suggestions for improvements. You are encouraged to always work within your body’s capacity and discouraged from any straining or painful movements.

The classes are general yoga classes in northside Brisbane, appropriate for beginners and many other people but allowing for those who may have been doing yoga for longer to choose to hold postures for a longer period, make appropriate adaptations or go deeper into postures.

Students come to Lyndal’s classes from the surrounding suburbs of Keperra, Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove, Upper Kedron, Bunya, Everton Park, Everton Hills, McDowall, Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, Stafford, Stafford Heights, Mitchelton, Enoggera, Gaythorne, Newmarket, Grange, Alderley, Ashgrove, Paddington, Bardon, The Gap and Samford.