Sunday Long Slow Class

Lyndal runs long, slow classes once or twice per year on a Sunday from 9am – 11am.    These classes are suitable for the majority of people who are looking to relax and calm their nervous system down.  They are held at Mitchelton or Bunya.

Most of us have very hectic lives and here is a chance to take a couple of hours out for yourself.  To let yourself relax, breathe and just be, rather than to be constantly doing.   Even if you have never done yoga before these classes should be appropriate for you.  There will be many lying down postures, hands and knees postures and some gentle standing stretches with a 20 minute relaxation/meditation at the end.

Current students are welcome to come along to do an extra class as a complement to the course.   Previous students who haven’t been for a while can come for a one-off or they may find that the occasional Sunday fits in more with their lifestyle rather than a weekly commitment.  Students who have never come before might find this class to be a lovely introduction to yoga.

Bring: water, maybe a blanket and a yoga mat (or I have a couple of spares if you need me to bring one, just check with me beforehand to make sure they are not already booked).    Wear comfortable, stretchy layers so you can add or remove them if necessary although bearing in mind it will be a very slow, gentle class you certainly won’t be working yourself up into a sweat. Get ready to relax and leave your stress there when you leave!!!!

The next class is to be held on Sunday 20 May.  Please be aware this is an outdoor covered venue so dress appropriately.  There will be a maximum of 15 students so book early!

To reserve your space contact Lyndal and ask how to make your $25 payment.    Payments made less than 5 days prior to the class become $30.  Please contact Lyndal beforehand if you are paying in the final 5 days to make sure there is space remaining.


Cancellation Policy:   There are no refunds given if less than 72 hours notice is given of non-attendance or you are just a no-show on the day.