Props – Part 2

Make sure you stay warm during meditation otherwise often all you can think of is how cold you are, which is not conducive to a calming state of mind. So bring socks, blankets, pillows – wear layered clothing as the weather gets cooler. Some of us need a bolster for under our knees or a rolled up towel or blanket when lying in relaxation so the legs can relax onto the bolster and the lower back can lengthen. There are chairs in all the evening venues – for those of us with sore lower backs you can also rest your legs on a chair – get me to show you if you do not know what I mean. Those of us who get sore knees in kneeling postures – firstly make sure you have a good solid mat – some are only 2 or 3mm thick and are not kind to your knees when on hard flooring. I use a 6mm mat which is supportive for my knees whereas when I had a thinner mat I found that my knees could feel a bit sore. When on one knee I just use a scrap of foam that I bought at Clark Rubber for about $2 and then I made a little pillow case for. I know that little gardening mats can also be purchased for around the $4 – $5 mark – at K Mart I think but probably other stores as well. Another idea I have used is to get 2 tea towels or hand towels, roll them lengthwise and wrap rubber bands around them top, bottom and middle. They can then be made into little circles as knee supports.

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