“We have been attending yoga classes with Lyndal for about 7 years. During this time we have been very impressed by how she manages to introduce so many different poses and relaxation techniques which always makes the lessons interesting and ensures that everyone’s needs are catered for. She also advises anyone who has a particular injury which poses to avoid. We really look forward to attending our weekly yoga class with Lyndal.”

Sue and Ron


“I have been doing yoga with Lyndal for 2 years and it is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

I have a desk job and due to a combination of bad posture, sitting almost motionless for extended periods and muscle atrophy I have neck and back problems. This manifested initially as stiffness (my physio would joke about taking a chisel to my spine), I could barely reach past my knees on a forward bend and had almost constant tension headaches. On several occasions I suffered chronic migraines from my neck being “out”. I found that physio and chiro helped alleviate the symptoms however neither was addressing the root cause of my problems. I was spending a lot of money on regular visits, at worst this was about once a week.

My daughter (16yrs at the time) had been given Lyndal’s details from a friend and pestered me until I finally booked us both in for a term. The first three weeks I have to admit I struggled – a lot. Although the classes are gentle and Lyndal encourages students to go at their own pace and listen to their bodies, I was sore (but not a “good” sore like you get after exercise) and didn’t understand the purpose of most of the postures, feeling they were ineffective and pointless. If I had not paid for the whole term in advance, I think I would have given up – thank goodness I didn’t!!

My wrists got stronger, the soreness disappeared and I started to learn how to get the most out of the class by “activating”, not being passive in the postures. After several more weeks I started to notice I felt better and could even [just] touch my toes which I haven’t been able to do since I was a child!

I’ve only been back to the chiro 5 or 6 times in the past 2 years which has not only saved me lots of money, it’s proof how beneficial yoga has been for my health. I look forward to my weekly lesson and love that if you miss a class, Lyndal is happy to let you make it up by attending on another night. I am FAR from being a yoga guru but I’m learning, thanks to the wonderful Lyndal.”




“Lyndal’s classes are friendly and informative and are as relaxing or as challenging as I choose to make them. I love that I never feel forced to perform at a certain level and am encouraged to do what feels right for my body.

Lyndal strongly encourages us to listen to our bodies, which over the years, has increased my own awareness, allowing me to recognise and avoid harmful postures and positions in daily life, or to use the stretches and exercises from our classes to ease any aches and pains that do arise.

I thoroughly enjoy my weekly yoga classes.”



“I started doing Yoga with Lyndal 7 years ago and it is the best decision I ever made.   I had always had lower back issues and I was seeing a chiropractor when I decided to give Yoga a go.  Lyndal is very calm and relaxed and this made me feel very comfortable right from the start.  I was relieved to know that these classes weren’t going to involve me trying to stand on my head or twist into some impossible pose.  That is not to say that we never do challenging poses but they are done at your own pace and ability.  After my first class I came away feeling like I had just had the most wonderful massage and from there I was hooked.  Lyndal is a wonderful teacher, she instinctively knows when to remind you to stop holding your breath or to come back to the present when “your mind had wandered”.  Lyndal has taught me to recognise when I am holding tension in my body and what poses can relieve same.  She takes Yoga seriously but is not afraid to make fun of herself and has a wonderful sense of humour.   I am in much better shape than I was 7 years ago and I thank Lyndal very much for that.”



“I have been practising Yoga for several years in the physical sense. However it wasn’t until I started with Lyndal that I have managed to stay in the mind as well as the body during Yoga classes. She is very calm and clearly spoken with her directions of how to conduct each pose. But for me the frequent and gentle reminder to come back within the body has made my yoga a full body & mind practice. Thanks so much Lyndal for making my yoga complete.”



“I’ve been going to Lyndal’s yoga classes for over four years now and have no plans to stop. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, whether I’m tense and exhausted after a difficult day at work and just want to zone out, or if I’m totally relaxed and full of energy, the class always meets my needs. I love the rhythm of the movements, and the way you really can go at your own pace, always with enough guidance to keep you challenged. But I think probably the best thing is Lyndal’s light touch, her warmth, her sense of humour, and the lovely atmosphere of her classes, which somehow manages to be welcoming whilst at the same time allowing you be completely in your own private space, if that’s what you want. I’ve had some very difficult things happen in my life over the last four years, and the classes have been a wonderful, comforting, safe place to be during those times. ”



“I can say is that I have been coming to Lyndal’s classes for nearly 6 years and I really enjoy them and appreciate what a wonderful teacher she is.  There is no pressure and always the class is for the students.”



“Lyndal conducts her yoga class with great knowledge and at the same time, adds a touch of humour. She has a great passion for yoga and this shows greatly in her teaching. Personally I have gained strength and flexibility that I never thought possible. Lyndal is an excellent teacher and encourages her students to ‘listen to their bodies’. I have been attending Lyndal’s classes for many years.”



“I’ve been doing yoga on and off for about 25 years and have attended Lyndal’s yoga classes for the past 7 or 8 years. Lyndal has an easy-going teaching style: she’s clearly passionate about yoga and its benefits, yet she has a wonderful sense of humour that instantly puts people at ease. Lyndal’s caring and compassionate nature shines through as she discreetly checks on health issues and/or needs of individual students during class.

Lyndal frequently reminds us to stay within our own ability and often suggests we focus on or consider particular areas when doing postures, which I find particularly helpful. I’ve also learned that we don’t feel exactly the same each week, thus our practice will not always be the same, so if I’m tired I’ll be more gentle on myself; and if I’m feeling energetic I’ll go for more of a work-out.

What I love most about Lyndal is her uncanny ability to say gently “if your mind has wandered, bring it back to the present” at precisely the time my mind has wandered!”